Monday, March 12, 2012

NetLogo on Blogger


  1. Export your project as an applet.
  2. Put the exported file, your project file(s), and NetLogoLite.jar together in a directory on a webserver.

If using GAE and Blogger,

  1. Do 1 and 2 above using GAE as your webserver.
  2. Remove everything outside of <applet></applet> from the html file and put it in a post on Blogger with an iframe in place of the applet text.
  3. Fix the paths for any files you are linking to such as images.
  4. Reformat the post to make it work better on Blogger and adjust Blogger to work better with the post.

***Update 19 March 2012***

You can also let the NetLogo project host your model by uploading it here, and here is the official documentation for running your model as an applet.



Yesterday, I posted a project I did last semester for an artificial intelligence course in which we were studying multi-agent systems. Since NetLogo, the software we used for modeling, runs on the JVM, the simulations can be made into applets and be run in a browser. Today, I will explain the steps I followed in order to post my NetLogo model on Blogger.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Steels's Mars Rover in NetLogo

What Is It?

This model implements Luc Steels’s Mars Rover as described on pages 87-90 of An Introduction to MultiAgent Systems by Michael Wooldridge. The premise is that we are exploring mars and want to collect rock samples, but don't have any maps of the planet. The only directional aid that agents get is a signal being broadcast by their home base. The model has been simplified by placing rocks randomly rather than in clusters and by not including obstacles. However, the model still is useful for showing how the subsumption architecture works. The agents are able to gather all the rocks on the planet while only following a simple set of rules.